Feline Underground Rescue needs your help in order to raise funds to be able to acquire all of the necessary supplies, medical care and administrative needs so that we can rescue cats and kittens, provide adequate foster homes for them, treat them for any illnesses or parasites, ensure that they are healthy enough for spay or neuter surgery, have them altered and then adopt them out to loving homes.

Donations can be made through PayPal via the link on the home page of our website, or directly through PayPal using the email address Donate@felineundergroundrescue.com; checks can be mailed to: Feline Underground Rescue, 30724 Benton Road, Ste C302 #595, Winchester, CA 92596; or you can visit one of our adoption events to donate cash or use a credit card to make a donation.

We are also in need of the following which we are accepting donations for:
  • Food Bowls
  • Canned Cat Food (kitten/adult)
  • Crates, Carriers & Cages
  • Pet Nurser Bottles
  • Cat Toys
To arrange pick-up or delivery, please contact Donate@felineundergroundrescue.com